World’s End Harem Release Date

    Widely popular manga World’s End Harem animated by Gokumi and AXsiZ studio is set to release this coming October. Update: The World’s End Harem anime is delayed. The next date for it to air on January of 2022.

    World’s End Harem is a science-fiction manga about the new world where due to a mysterious killer virus 99 per cent of male dies consequently decreasing the population of the world. After five years of cryogenic sleep, Mizuhara Reito awakens as one of the few male survivors in the new world.

    In other words, Mizuhara becomes the precious gem of humankind.

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    With the responsibility of repopulating and saving humankind along with Rieto, there are three other male characters are Kyoji Hino, Ryu Mizuhara, and Arc de Rezare Nagala.

    Talking about the Production group of the World’s End Harem, they include:

    • Yuu Nobuta as the Director of the World’s End Harem. 
    • Scriptwriter Tasuya Takashi.
    • Masaru Koseki is the designer of the characters. 
    • And composing the music in front is Shigenobu Ookawa.

    Talking the audio drama of World’s End Harem, it was released in nine days with its first public arrival on May 18 of 2017. Later it was locked for its segment and sexual tone.

    With the improvement of the audio drama of World’s End Harem, the updated version of the audio drama was released on August 27, 2021.

    Facing the casting team, five more members got different characters roles in it:

    •  Yurie Kozakai as Maria Kuroda
    • Mahiru Mizuhara (Reito’s Little sister) by Yukina Shuto.
    • Takuya Eguchi as Kyoji Hino (the first male to step into the new world). 
    • Neneko Isurugi by Shizuka Ishigami
    • And Rena Kitayama character by Satomi Amano


    How does the World’s End Harem start in the first place?

    Making its first identity as Manga illustrated by Kotaro Shono, the release of its manga began in 2016. There are thirteen series of the volume of the World’s End Harem.

    On September 2, 2016, the first volume of the World’s End Harem was released, but its English version was released 2 years later on April 17, 2018. 

    With the major arc, it divided the volumes of World’s End Harem into two parts:

    • World’s End Harem
    • World’s End Harem: After World

    TV channel AT-X has also authorized the uncensored version of anime episodes.

    Similarly, featured in the list of Amazon, the 13th volume of World End Harem made its way on October 4, 2021.

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    Is there any highlight point about its popularity?

    Because of its unique experience of the new world and content, the craze of the World’s End Harem manga is immeasurable. It sold over 3million copies in Nov 2018.

    Due to its erotic and thrilling content, over  7 million copies are in circulation in 2021.

    With the World’s End Harem release date confirmed, fans can hardly wait for it to air.

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