What To Except On One Piece 1038?

    Beginning the journey in the World of the Internet in 1999 produced by Toei Animation. Eiichiro Oda made the anime in the heart of many anime lovers. So let’s see what new things are added in the latest chapter of One Piece 1038.

    We expect the furious fight between Luffy and Kaido in Chapter 1037 of One Piece manga. However, Gorosei dropped the Information about the Legendary Devil Fruit in One Piece 1038. So, for your, Information the chapter of One Piece manga is making its presence on January 30, 2022.

    This Information about the Legendary Devil Fruit heats the curiosity of fans. Also, it might be why we are in the country of Wano now.

    one piece 1037

    So, without wasting any time, let’s see why is it in the heat over the fans?

    As to the Information, the World government of this anime is so afraid of the Legendary Devil Fruit. So that, they vanish the Information of this fruit because it is related to the Ancient Kingdom or Void Century.  

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    Explains why the government wants to execute Nico Robin because she is the one with the knowledge of arguably, which is the key to unlocking the mystery of Void Country. Leading towards the ancient power or legendary devil fruit. 

    Moving towards the discussion part of this chapter. When Gorosei discusses the Devil Fruit, we also see Zunisha in the next part. Again, making it more complicated to understand. As for the fans, they expect something very interesting about Zunishia or like that.

    You Probably Wondering who is Zunishia; well, let’s find out? 

    As the interesting character of the chapter, Zunishia is not a person; she is the island. Later on, she ate a devil fruit and became a Naitamie Norida Elephant violating the rule. And sentence to wander around the world for eternity.

    one piece elephant

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    But is not confirmed whether they were talking about that fruit or not. Gorosei said, “No, it is impossible to even for us that fruit is a Legend.”

    The most popular candidate for this Legendary Devil Fruit is Monkey D.Luffy in One Piece. As the Gorosei says, the fruit is not awakened for centuries in the past centuries.

    But the question is, does anybody use the power of the Legendary Fruit? 

    The answer to the above question is yes; there is one Legendary Devil Fruit user, i.e., Kozuki Toki Time-Time Devil Fruit. She was born eight hundred thirty years ago in Void Century. 

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    Moving toward the details, she first uses her ability at the age of 26 to leap into the future time. And when shipping in the Legendary Pirate ship, she also said that she was 100 years old! Thus, the Time Devil Fruit might be the Legendary Devil Fruit in the upcoming One Piece 1038.

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