Tsuki Ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu Chapter 67: What’s New?

    Making its presence from 2012 till the present year, Tsuki Ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu manga chapter 67 uniquely keeps the fancy of reincarnation fresh. Written by Azumi Kei, Tsumikimichi Moonlight Fantasy is a Japanese-based fantasy manga.

    Thrown into the new world of monsters and humans, Makato is the main character of this fantasy. He is abandoned by the god who wanted him into the new world saying he is ugly. So, he is thrown into the middle of nowhere with only the knowledge to speak to creatures but not to humans.

    However, the god Tsukuyomi who summoned him grants him some powers so that he can survive in the new world. 

    Why did God transport Makato to the new world?

    One of the common questions of this manga is why did god transport Makato to the new world?

    The relevant answer lies within his parents.  Makato’s father and mother were formerly the people of the mysterious world of magic.

    To start a new life, Makato’s parents signed a deal with God. The value, where they have to leave their son to the hand of the God of their previous world to become a hero. With a little bit of chat between God Tsukuyomi and Makato, Makato agrees to go to the new world.

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    Makato appeared in front of the Goddess deems. She laughs hard at seeing his face and banishes him to the Wasteland world saying he doesn’t deserve to be in her world. Feeling the quilt of summoning, she at least gives him the knowledge to understand creatures but not humans. 

    The reason she doesn’t grant him the knowledge to understand humans is that she doesn’t want him to reproduce in her world and produce more ugly people like him.

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    As time passes, the journey of the hero grows with the increasing amount of subordinates. Makato makes his purpose to save the Wasteland World and his interdimensional world.

    So What’s new in Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu manga chapter 67?

    As per the sources, chapter 67 of the Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy manga already made its way to Japan. Unfortunately, the English copy of this manga is not available yet. Making its spot in September 2021, the fan can read the Japanese version of this manga.

    As per the light novel, Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu chapter 67 starts as a new journey of two. Moving towards Moonlight fantasy chapter 67, it is all about getting specific details about the report of a particular group by Makato and Shiki. However, while collecting more information, Makato meets an unknown woman.

    chapter 67

    Although the woman seemed unharmed at first, Makato is suddenly threatened by her shield attack on him.

    Makato views the lady standing ahead of him with a smile on her face as a threat. It is still unclear whether she is a villain or not but as things stand, we can view her she can be viewed as one.

    As per my perception of the Japanese manga, the possibility of a colossal turn is awaiting on more chapters to come. 

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