Tokyo Revengers Chapter 221: Draken’s Possible Death

    What happened in the Tokyo Revengers chapter 221 of manga, no one could have anticipated it.

    Carrying the will of the different people and the lifestyle of many gangs, Tokyo Revengers Manga provides entertainment and thrill to all manga readers.

    As per the suspense point of the Tokyo Revengers chapter 220. Takimichi and Senju were enjoying the day in the fun park. After some time, suddenly the rival gang arrives to kill Takimichi. Pointing a gun towards Takimichi, Senju and Takimichi collapsed together to the ground.

    What Happen after the Rival gang Arrived?

    Draken made his appearance to protect Takimichi. And on the other hand, Mikey feels something terrible going to happen. However, Tokyo Revengers Manga chapter 221 takes the massive turn of the Draken possible death. And contributing his emotion with Takimichi, Draken said, ” don’t make too much cause.”

    Draken death
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    Talk about the thrilling moments of the Tokyo Revengers fans. As the man, Draken took all the decisions and responsibilities to protect everyone in Tokyo Manji Gang. However, he got attacked by the rival gang many times. When saving Takimichi, he took all three shots of bullets in his body. 

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    As he is being carried to the hospital, Draken remembers all the childhood and happy moments of his life as he slowly loses consciousness.

    Besides the sounds of the ambulance in the background, he fights between the verge of life and death. Draken’s memorial moments spin around his head.

    With a smirk on his face, Draken thinks about Emma above the sky.

    However, the Draken’s possible death is still not proven.

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    Is there any information about the upcoming Chapter of Tokyo Revengers?

    On the other hand, chapter 224 is getting interesting with the turning point of the three Deities War about to happen.

    Finding the Draken’s possible death after someday of the incident. The appearance of Brahman, Kantou Manji, and Rokuhaara make their presence known in the city. Kantou Manji gang arrived at the last moment. However, by looking at Rokuhara and Brahman, it seems like they were discussing the early Draken attack.

    Later on, Mikey arrived alone with an unhappy and dark face. Probably he must have found out about the Draken possibility of death or coma. As one of the intense chapter 224 of Tokyo Revengers Manga is on its way to all the manga lovers.

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