To Your Eternity Season 2

    Referring to the world of anime, To your eternity season 2 is the fantasy drama anime that flows the nameless entity. The master is known as the creator of Fushi. All along with the mysterious ability to transform himself into anything that crosses its path after death.

    As time passes, the orb or Fushi turns into different non-living things or animals before becoming human. On its precious journey of seeking many things. The orb meets new people learning about their language, relationship, and human behavior.

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    The heartwarming manga To Your Eternity was premium on April 12, 2021. The anime receives critics’ approbation for the unique concept and depth of its character. The anime became highly loved by anime fans losing no moments for its overwhelmingly positive content, with several reviews about this anime after its first season.

    About the Released Date of it and its forward story?

    After the concluding episode of the first season, you must be wondering where the character is Fushi could be. Well allows us to give you the answer to the question.

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    character of to your eternity

    The first season of To Your Eternity is on April 12, 2021, following the weekly pattern uploading series. After the 20 episodes of this anime on Monday, August 30. The developer team of the anime with the writing staff is under Shinzo Fujita. However, the news about the second season of To Your Eternity doesn’t seem to surprise all anime watchers.

    Moving towards Season 2 of To Your Eternity is seems to be focused on the guardian arc Muralis kingdom. The following season of this anime is likely to be on the two curves. However, we have to wait for the official announcement to know more about the other factors.

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    We can presume that the next season of this anime is to be the month of October 2022. All the way down, we look forward to the new season on the internet.


    What happened in the last episode of the first season?

    In the season 1 final, the death of the beloved character of Fushi came to a farewell. However, he blames himself for the end of the people close to him, leaving the first season in emotional sight and harsh conditions.

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    The first season ends with the death of Pioran. The old lady of this anime became the last character who died in the first season because of her old age. On the verge of her death, she requested the creator to reincarnate her with something useful for Fushi. After her death, Fushi was heartbroken.

    In season 2, Fushi finds himself unable to see the death of his love once and spends decades stranded on the island. Unbelievably, the granddaughter of Hayes found him and vowel to be with him all the time. As time passes, Fushi will get the reason to leave the island and fight back for the innocents.

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