The Plot of Demon Slayer Manga 181

    Referring to the world of anime, Demon slayer made its impression as the best anime for a certain period. With the absolute thrilling content, Demon slayer made its turning point in the Demon Slayer manga 181.

    What’s the turning point of Demon slayer 181?

    As you know, the Demon Muzan is the strongest Demon in the Demon Slayer anime. As from my perception, the Demon slayer manga is overpowered manga. Along with the revival of  Muzan, he became the hardest target for all the demon slayers. The death of two strong subordinates hit the feeling of all the Demon Slayer fans.

    Apart from that, the slow reporting time by Oyaka to all the lower slayer for killing Muzan failed. As the son of the grandmaster, Oyakata sees himself as incapable of handling the situation with his knowledge.

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    Not giving a qualified order at a suitable time. he trembles down for his terrible decision.

    With the slap of his subordinate, Oyakata realizes it was all to kill Muzan. He realizes mistakes are made by the people and it will happen again but learning from it is the correct choice. Without losing any time, Okakata gives the report of the Muzan revival to all the pillars.

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    Demon slayer 181 chapter
    Kimetsu no Yaiba Manga

    The revival message of Muzan passes through the ears of the Demon Slayers. Because of that, the Love Hasira almost forgets about the Demon they are fighting with.

    Spotting the danger by the Serpent Hasihira, the two Hasihiras stop their feet to take down the Demon. As the strongest swordsman of the Demon slayer, they can overcome the Demon. They are able to control the mind of the Demon with the help of Yushiro.

    tanjiro clam down by water hasira
    Kimetsu no Yaiba Manga

    Why was the Demon of the House controlled by the Hasihiras?

    As the strongest battle between Demon and Human, the two swordsmen can easily defeat the Demon. But they take over the mind of the Demon to track the location and to mislead Muzan vision.

    What happened to Tanjiro and Water Hashira Giyu Tomioka?

    After the tragic death of Genya Shinazugawa and Mist Hashira Muichiior Tokito, with the hatred in his heart. Tanjiro and Tomioka faced the Demon Muzan. Thus, creating a glimpse of the murder of Tanjiro’s family and him being on the verge of anger while facing the Muzan.

    Tomioka calms down Tanjiro’s anger with a little conversation with Muzan. Then again, in my opinion, the two of them could retreat and avoid the fight with Muzan to buy time for the morning sun.

    tanjiro and giyu
    kimetsu no yaiba manga


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