The Fruit OF Evolution Released Date

    Another Isekai series coming out for anime lovers in 2021 is The Fruit OF Evolution. The fruit of evolution manga represents Japanese fantasy written by Miku. The series itself is a self-explanatory anime, began in 2014 on a website called Shosetsuka ni Naro.

    If you watch two episodes of The Fruit OF Evolution, you probably wonder about this anime’s new episode release date. Also, the story of this anime is all about a boy named Hiiragi Seiichi. The unbelievable moment took over on the second episode with the transformation of Saria & Seiichi himself.

    Any information about its release date?

    Talking to the most innovative anime of all time, The Fruit of Evolution is releasing its third episode on October 18, 2021.  But the time of The fruit of evolution manga is making its way in the upcoming week. Unfortunately, the exact date of its new chapter releasing date is not relevant to the public in any internet sources.

    What’s the story of The Fruit of Evolution?

    Story of an ordinary high school boy and his classmates to a new world. The character Seiichi is a little bit allergic to exercise and enjoys his own company in school. But somehow, he makes two actual friends in his school.

    The purpose of this is entirely ridiculous because suddenly, events transform into another world. Jumping all the students into another world to become the hero by God.

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    Except for Seiichi, the reason is unknown. Everyone in the class also sat at the table except him. However, the journey of the boy Hiiragi Seiichi began with the new skills given by the creator.

    fruit of evolution

    Little did I know that the boy Seiichi pulled off from the other world to jump shift on the different world. With the special abilities and be the star of another world. Meeting the Gorilla named Saria, who turned into beauty in the second episode. The anime is so much to be engaging in the next episode.

    Along with the details, you may like the anime in visuals or in manga addition. Including the specific amount of characters from The fruit of evolution manga are in the following point:

    • First, Seiichi Hiiragi, the main character and the face of the anime voice by Hiro Shimono
    • And on the other hand, Saria, a beauty, transforms in the second episode the voice by Kana Hanazawa.
    • Artoria Gremm by Marina Inoue
    • Gassle Kroot, voiced by Tetsu Inada
    • Eris McClain by Yuka Nishio
    • The voice of God by Toshihiko Seki.


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