Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life

    Official announced in the television of animes like Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life or let’s say The Reincarnated Sage’s Alternate World Life and other light novel series began the rain of streaming a teaser for the anime in 2022. The video reveals the three main cast members of the anime.

    Since July 2018, a manga adaptation with art by Ponjea has been serialized online via Square Enix‘s online manga magazine Manga UP!. thirteen tankbon volumes also made it appearance in the previous year.

    Square Enix has licensed the manga in North America. Altogether the confirmation date of Revoroot’s anime television series in the year 2022 prematurely.

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    my isekai life

    Shinkoshoto wrote the series, and Huuka Kazabana demonstrated it. Originally serialized online on Shsetsuka ni Nar in October 2017, SB Creative published the first novel in print on May 15, 2018, under their GA Novel label. Ten volumes have already made their presence as of November 2021.

    Quick Recap of the Story of this Anime.

    After finishing his work in the home, Yuuji Sano and the employee of the black company. Who knows if he gonna be sent to another world?

    Regarding his job as a Monster Tamer, it makes it difficult for him to become the person to travel the world and explore new things. However, gaining mystical powers and a 2nd profession, Sage, of that world. Finally, meeting someone who possesses the education of several magical books.

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    Yuuji has amassed tremendous power, but is he aware of it? Blindly becoming the world’s unrivalled and strongest! The characters of this My Isekai Life are: 

    • At first, Yuji as you can see is the ordinary person thrown into another world. Also, the voice actor of Yuji is Junya Enoki.
    • Dryad is a forest Spirit as the helper of Yuji since they meet.
    • Proud wolf is another side character similar to its name.
    • Sura
    • Surapacchi
    • Mayusura
    • Surahappa
    • Higesura
    • Higesura
    • Pekesura

     Source: Wikipedia and theanimedaily

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