Tales of Luminaria Anime New 10 Minutes Preview

    Fans can now watch a new trailer in Bandai Namco’s for the upcoming Tales of Luminaria, or we can say The Fateful Crossroad, as well as a Ten-minute preview of the first episode.

    As per the sources on January 21, the anime also can be available on Japanese streaming services. Funimation and other services are making this anime streaming on January 20 PST.

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    So what about the other details of it?

    Tales of Luminaria, a smartphone game by Bandai Namco Entertainment, made its previous presence in Japan on November 3 and outside Japan on November 4. 

    The new trailer showcases some of the action that fans can expect from the upcoming series. Including some of the ferocious monsters and creatures that the main characters will face. In addition, the first 10 minutes of the series’ first episode also make its way on January 20, 2022. Also with the trailer, introduces fans to some of the main characters.

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    Tales-of-Luminaria character

    Also, the first announcement got out in September, along with a new mobile RPG set in the anime through Bandai Namco. Not much to know about the anime at the time.

    But we now know quite a bit, including the voice cast for the series, which features a slew of extremely talented actors lending their voices to the anime.

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    What About the Story of this anime? 

    Leo, Celia, and Hugo were once close in Tales of Luminaria. All three also attended the Aedis Knight Academy of the Jerle Federation. However, once the game and show start, they are no longer linked or on the same side. The new trailer depicts their reunion and discovering that Hugo is a Gildllan Empire’s army member.

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    In the anime, a protagonist assists them in surviving this tumultuous world with utmost concentration. After reading or watching the story of this anime, you began to see them grow to adore.


    Source: YouTubeFunimation 

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