SPY x FAMILY anime Part 2 release date in Fall 2022

    SPYxFAMILY Part 2
    WIT Studio x Studio CloverWorks

    The official release for SPY x FAMILY Part 2 is rumoured for October 2022, during the Fall 2022 anime season.

    So, When Will the Spy X Family Anime Gonna Released?

    Because SPY x FAMILY Episode 12 gonna released in late June 2022. However, the first season is a split-cour animated movie that gonna pick up the story again in SPY x FAMILY Ep 13.

    For those who are unfamiliar with the jargon, a “cour” is three months of Television broadcasting based on the physical seasons, usually composed of 10 to 13 episodes.

    A “split-cour” is when a single anime season takes a mega break before actually returning to television broadcasting. But the songs of its Part 2 are set to open also the ending of its theme music isn’t out on the internet.

    Official HIGE DANdism conducted the Spy x Family OP “Mixed Nuts (Mikkusu Natsu)” for Part 1, whilst also Gen Hoshino conducted the Spy x Family ED “Comedy (Kigeki).” Crunchyroll’s SPY x FAMILY trailer features the OP/ED songs.

    SPY x FAMILY Episode 13 gonna be on October 2022 by the Blu-Ray/DVD

    As of the most recent update, neither Studio CloverWorks nor WIT Studio nor any other company involved in the anime’s manufacturing had officially. And confirmed the exact SPY x FAMILY Part 2 release date. The output of 25 episodes is declared, but the launch date of SPY x FAMILY Episode 13 has not.

    In the meantime, enthusiasts can speculate on when SPYxFAMILY Part 2 will premiere.

    Discovering this same timing of the SPY x FAMILY Episode 13 release date requires only a little skulduggery. The official release date and time for the SPY x FAMILY Blu-ray/DVD got announced on April 9, 2022. Likewise, The 25 episodes gonna released its six volumes.

    It didn’t take long on the internet to start figuring out the release dates for the SPY x FAMILY anime amount. It indirectly revealed the time frame for SPY x FAMILY Part 2.

    Volumes 1–3 contain Episodes 1–12 and it is making their release on July 20 to Nov 16, 2022, respectively. However, there is a time lag before Quantities 4 through 6 released date on January to April, respectively.

    Because BD volumes gonna be in the following ending months in the TV broadcast. The SPY x FAMILY Part 2 release date gonna Fall in 2022.


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