So, When will the Tower of God Season 2 coming?

    As for the revealed release date for Tower of God Season two, it is not possible to see it in any other sources. The reason is that the Telecom Animation Film has not yet confirmed any outcome except for its preview. “Tower of God” Season 1 concluded in August 2020 and Tower of God manga in the same year, but Crunchyroll hasn’t said much about it.

    Episode thirteen of Tower Of God ends on such a huge cliffhanger that it would almost be cruel for Crunchyroll not to renew the anime, especially since the final scene teases introducing a new character.

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    The Tower Of God opening theme song music for the first season was TOP, and the ending music is known as SLUMP. Stray Kids, a Korean band, performed both songs. Its first Tower of God manga edition made its presentation on the internet on November 19, 2019.

    In terms of popularity, we previously stated that Tower of God was one of the best anime shows of 2020. Season 1 was a huge success, and fans have been clamoring for more episodes since the first season ended.


    As for the Quick Recap of the Anime? 

    The Tower of God manga or anime revolves around a young man named Taichi Ichikawa as Bam. It is worth noting that in Korea, the word ‘Bam’ can mean either ‘Night’ or ‘Chestnut.’

    The boy spent most of his life imprisoned beneath a vast and mysterious Tower or cave, with only his dear friend Rachel. But the reason for the girl Rachel, who keeps him company, is still not specified yet.

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    Bam is devastated when Rachel enters the Tower. However, Bam also somehow manages to open the Tower’s door at the time after Rachel’s disappearance.

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    Now, he’ll go to any length or difficulties to see Rachel again, even if it means his own life. When he enters the Tower, he meets allies during the first test battle, assisting him in ascending the Tower. And also he made the pack of three friends climbs up the Tower.

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