She Professed Herself The Pupil OF The Wiseman

    She Professed Herself Hirotsugu Ryusen’s Pupil of the Wise Man Japanese or let’s say kenja no deshi wo nanoru kenja is a Japanese light novel series. Also, the writer of this series is Hirotsugu Ryusen. In April 2012, it began serialization as a web novel on the user-generated novel publishing website Shsetsuka ni Nar.

    Later on, Micro Magazine acquired it and began publishing the series in print in June 2014 under their GC Novels imprint. Finally, in December 2021, kenja no deshi wo nanoru kenja 16th volume make previewed in public.

    Dicca Suemitsu’s manga adaptation began serialization online in July 2016 via Micro Magazine’s and compiled into eight tankbon volumes as of May 2021. Seven Seas Entertainment has licensed the light novel and manga in North America.

    Anime Corner

    Sakimori Kagami participates in Arch Earth Online, a VRMMORPG. Also, a veteran competitor with the name, the appearance of an old wizard from a determined ring-related book.

    So what’s the story behind it?

    One day on the appearance in the market, finding the last resort to spend out his expiring currency. He buys a changing item that can change its appearance and gets the idea of deciding. Also, making the idea about what he is willing to look like if his character was ever a girl.

    So moving towards the first episode of this anime. Enhancing the amount of attention to the viewers with the duty of grabbing the attention. So have viewers’ initial attention in the first 15-16 minutes of the She Professed Herself The Pupil OF The Wiseman first episode.


    The episode is mainly focused on the wise man who before reincarnated to another world fighting monsters. However, the wise bearded man built a specific character based on Isekai like they have to rebuild themselves. As in the first episode, the wise man is a complete badass character thrown into another world as a girl. 

    We can assume some elders disappeared or maybe reincarnated to transfer to another body, etc. Later on, they got beamed to another world. But it’s a little bit of disappointment that it make an ambiguous ending in the last. The least we can do is wait for the 2nd episode to come on the Internet.

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