Sakugan New Episode: Outbreak Release Date

    With the release of the first episode on October 7, 2021, Sakugan new episode is set to come out weekly. Sakugan is one of the anticipated anime in the adventure genre. It is a brand new anime that takes a position in the fantasy world.

    Sakugan gives the ideal story of the inside of a colony of the futuristic world. The story expresses the beautiful plotting of an adventure world involving many different peoples. More information about Skaugan are mentioned below.

    First of all, about the story of Sakugan

    Starting with the new world of the future. The story of Sakugan began with the introduction of a 9-year-old Guinness student Memenpu, who has already graduated from high school. With the desire in her heart to see the world besides the underground city, the story begins.

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    sakugan episode 1

    On the other hand, her father, Gagumber, doesn’t want his daughter to adventure as it can be dangerous.

    In the first episode, Memenpu finds out that her mother is the legendary explorer that everyone talks about. After this, Reluctantly her father also joins her in her adventure to explore the new world.

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    As the story goes on, the anime becomes more and more enjoyable. But it is still on a very long journey to become a masterpiece in the world of anime.

    Sakugan New Episode: Outbreak Release Date

    The release date of the fourth episode is on October 28th of 2021.

    In the next paragraph, we are making a few spoilers of the upcoming episode of Skaugan. So, if you are a fan of watching anime in its final form then you should stop reading right now.

    If you are still with us and want to get some idea about the next episode then read on.

    Few Spoilers

    In the next episode, Gagumber reminds Memphis of the meaning of the labyrinth flag while collecting treasure. But She messes up and falls.

    While healing her wound, Gagumber tells everything about the flag and base camp they have to visit.

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    In the next episode of Sakugan, the duo is gonna explore all new places and dangerous things. The great moment on the next episode is waiting for all the adventure lovers.

    Lost In Anime

    So, What about the upcoming episode release dates?

    Looking towards the unique concept and adventure waiting for our anime characters. The next episodes will continue to release on a weekly basis until the season finishes.

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