Engage Kiss anime on Summer 2022 revealed trailer

    For the most part, Engage Kiss anime appears to be a typical romantic comedy in the trailer, but the ending reveals more. We’re on a floating platform, and monsters are attempting to take our lives.

    It isn’t much known about this initial anime, but I’m excited to learn more about it. The art style is appealing, and the demons are intriguing.

    In the trailer, it appears that a man is trying to transform into a demon. Engage is set to be released on July 3, 2022, but let’s hope we won’t have to wait too long for more information.

    So far, what do we know about the story of Engage Kiss?

    Engage Kiss takes place in Baylong City, an artificial island flying above the Pacific Ocean, with the goal of assembling a new natural resource known as oogonium on one’s own.

    However, as an outbreak of demons (also known as D Disasters) propagates across the city, this freedom becomes a curse. Shu Ogata is our central protagonist.

    He currently runs a small Private Military Company (PMC) with the assistance of a demon girl named Kisara. Unfortunately, deciding on the success of their PMC is difficult because Shu spends the majority of his money on daily shopping sprees.

    Kisara’s true identity is unknown to the general public, and she has strong feelings for Shu. According to the trailer, Shu feels the same way, and yet Kisara isn’t fond of other women approaching Shu.

    This is hilarious because we meet Ayano Yugiri, Shu’s ex-girlfriend and the younger sister of the holder of the major PMC Shu worked for before becoming independent. Did their friendship have something to do with Shu’s new venture?

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    Sharon Holygrail, the third leading lady, is indeed a nun. It’s unclear if Sharon will develop romantic feelings for Shu, but we do know that the order she works for is the world’s largest exorcist organization.

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    Engage Kiss anime was created by Anipliex, and A-1 Pictures is bringing it to life. The director is Tomoya Tanaka, the author is Fumiaki Maruto, and the music is consisting of Yoshiaki Fujisawa.

    Shu is voiced by Soma Saito, Kisara by Saya Aizawa, Ayano by Lynn, and Sharon by Rumi Okubo. There really is no word on how many episodes will be produced.

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