Revealed of SPY x FAMILY anime English dub date by Crunchyroll

    On April 16, 2022, SPY x FAMILY anime gets the English dub treatment. Alex Organ will be Loid Forger/Twilight who played Aizawa from My Hero Academia.

    What do you do when you have a dad who’s the best spy in the world, a mom who’s an elite assassin, and a telepathic daughter living under the same roof? Add a random dash of chaos.

    Joining the shenanigans is Anthony Bowling as Franky, he is also Alciel in The Devil Is A Part-Timer! Season 2. But even the best of the best need a great support team.

    Here are some of the Production crews from Crunchyroll. Cris Gorge is ADR Director, Tyler Walker is ADR Script Writer, and Helena Wahlstrom is the ADR Engineer.

    Don’t feel like waiting for the 16th? SPY x FAMILY anime English Dub will also premiere on Crunchyroll’s Twitch channel at 1 PM PST on April 15, 2022.

    Kazuhiro Furuhashi is the director. He previously worked at WIT Studio as well as CloverWorks on Dororo.

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    Spy x Family
     WIT Studio x CloverWorks

    Here’s what we know about the plot so far!

    Everyone has a side of themselves that they don’t want anybody to see. Behind locked doors, the world’s nations are engaged in a fierce information war. Ostatnia & Westalis have been engaged in centuries of the cold war.

    The Eastern-Focused Division of the Westalis Intelligence Services, as well as WISE for short, dispatches their best spy “Twilight” on a quest to start investigating Donovan Desmund, the chairman of Ostainia’s National Unity Party, who is threatening peace between the two countries.

    This is Strix’s business. Twilight has one week to assemble a family and infiltrate Desmund’s son’s school and attend its social gatherings.

    Twilight adopts Anya and takes on the character of Loid Forger, a psychiatrist. He has no idea that his bride Yor is an assassin and that a little girl can read psyches.

    It is up to this young family to bring about world peace while keeping their secrets hidden from one another.

    Check out the manga details of SPY x FAMILY

    Viz Media has translated 7 quantities of manga as of this writing. Volumes 8 and 9 are, however, now also available in Japan. While you’re enjoying the season’s hottest mission, be careful to verify some of Tatsuya Endo’s other works.

    Tatsuya Endo has contributed to numerous one-shots and serials, including TISTA, Shihou Yuugi, Gekka Bijin, and ISpy. He also colluded with Tomohito Ohsaki as an illustrator on Rooftop Octane.

    What else can we know about anime?

    The series will have 25 episodes, with a 12-episode first season debuting on TV Tokyo as well as other Japanese networks. SPY x FAMILY Part 2 will air in late 2022 as a second 13-episode season.

    For those that are unfamiliar, a cour is the length of an anime series. The average course consists of 10 to 14 episodes spread out over three data. Seasons of 24 to 25 episodes are longer, making the course much more important to do the series justice.

    Limited editions also include a digipack that usually contains a special disc containing a thirty-minute recital of the SPY x FAMILY stage reading. There is no word on when the English dub would be published on DVD/Blu-ray.


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