Release Date of Odd Taxi Season 2

    In mid-December of 2021, rumours of Odd taxi made their way by unleashing the countdown on the Internet. But unfortunately, the announcement of Odd Taxi Season 2 didn’t reveal the exact release date.

    The official trailer of this anime made its way on the Internet. Many anime lovers are curious about what will happen in the next season of this anime. Waiting for an interesting anime is boring and also full of excitement. 

    The premiere of the mentioned movie of this anime is on April 2022. So the fans should be patient about the next season of it.

    release of odd taxi season 2

    Let’s see what’s going to or possible things on the next season?

     Following the original story of this anime, the possibility of the release of the Odd Taxi Season 2 may be on October 2022 or January 23. So, what about the possible story of it going to be? 

    The answer will not be easy because the story or trailer has not been shown yet. Moving towards the movie part of this anime. The movie is making its premiere on April 1, 2022.

    The idea about the movie is creating an over reconstruction of the events of the series plus some answers. The movie trailer of this anime shows that Taxi Driver Odokawa will be in a lot of trouble.

    As from the last episode of the Odd Taxi season one, is that Odokawa knew about the people who were sitting in his taxi. Thus, the movie will probably be replaying or recounting the events he went through. But the final theory of this anime can be defined on the release date. 

    Basic Information about this anime? 

    Odd Taxi is a Japanese-based manga series released on January 15, 2021. Likewise, the story writer of this anime is Kazuya Konomoto and Baku Kinoshita (Director). Unfortunately, the first season of this anime only got 13 episodes. And the magazine publisher of this anime is Superior Dalpana.



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