Release Date Love Live! Superstar!! Season 2

    The Love Live Superstar season 2 will begin airing in July of this year, on both NHK as well as E Television. According to the announcement made at the Liella! What A Wonderful Dream concert on the 13th.

    Other announcements made at the concert include another concert tour series for the What A Wonderful Dream series set to take place at the Osaka-Jo Hall on June 4th.

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    What about the summary of Season 2?

    The initial announcement of the Love Live! Superstar!! Season 2 was made on October 24th of last year, just about a month after the conclusion of the 1st season.

    The trailer talked about the continuation of the series as the “story that we brought to life” to help “everyone goes to the new starry sky!” The trailer also featured new backgrounds from Yuigaoka High School and new versions of the stages featured throughout the series.

    Love Live! Superstar!! anime

    Besides the new background of the story, the plot is less revealed of the upcoming season. However, considering how far Liella! Came to achieve their idol dreams by bringing new students to Yuigaoka. Therefore, it’s assumed that they will follow in the footsteps of all previous seasons of Love Live! and tackle the competition (the Love Live!) in this coming season.

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    The cover of Snow Halation at the end of Season 1 of Superstar!!, the namesake of Love Live Superstar season 2, and the song representing their journey to win the Love Live, may serve as foreshadowing for this upcoming event.

    Also, the question arises about it English dub?

    Unlike all other seasons of Love Live! released so far, no English dub is currently available on Funimation. Even Nijigasaki, which currently only has one season (although it does have an upcoming season set for next month!), has an English dub available.

    While it’s possible that the Crunchyroll-Funimation merger affected the production of anime dubbing, it’s more likely that the announcement of the second season right after the first season of Superstar!! made them hold off on dubbing the series.

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    Considering the track record of dubbing for the Love Live! series, it’s more than likely that Superstar!! will have a dub, but it’s not entirely confirmed — we’ll keep you updated on that!


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