Released Date of Mieruko Chan New episode

    Mieruko Chan Manga is written by Tomoki Izumi. The story of a regular high school student, Miko Yotsuya, with the irregular power of seeing monsters. Released on 3rd October 2021, Mieruko chan is based on Japanese fantasy.

    Mieruko Chan gave goosebumps to all the anime lovers. Along with seeing the horrifying ghost, the source of Miko’s ability is still a mystery. Maybe it’s because of the critical doll.

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    Information about the Released date of it?

    In the upcoming month of October, the second episode is making its way on the internet. A mixture of horror and comedy content, Mieruko chan anime is worth watching for horror anime lovers.

    Creating the unique content of horror Mieruko chan, Miko is the alone character with the power of seeing the monsters. But in the upcoming episode of Mieruko chan more exciting things happen in her life.

     What’s the Turning turning point of Meiruko Chan?

    Looking at the unique content of Meiruko Chan Manga, Miko is the most robust character in the anime. With the power of seeing the monster, She tries to ignore them without any reaction.

    With the curiosity of seeking the cure of her power, Miko tries to save her only friend Hana Yurikawa from the monsters. Thus, Miko didn’t know about holy things like pendants and neckless.

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    She and Hana get to the store of Mitsue Takeda, who is known as the God Granny. Besides the tense feel from Miko, Mitsue tries to help Miko by giving her the powerful Bracelet. Still, the holy Bracelet given by Granny didn’t work.

    Mieruko Chan New episode

    Knowing that Takeda can’t help Miko, Mitsue shuts down the store left to live with her grandchildren. As per the upcoming episode, Miko meets a similar power holder Yulia Niguredou, who is the next-door classmate of Miko.

    What about the other details of Meiruko Chan?

    As per the content of Meiruko Chan Manga, Tomoki Izumi wrote this manga. The Yen Press licenses the Mieruko chan Manga. However, it is an anime TV series adaptation by Passione studio.

    Looking at the main characters of the Mieruko-Chan are:

    • Firstly, Miko Yotsuya by Sora Amamiya
    • On the second number, Hana Yurikawa the friend of Miko by Kaede Hondo
    • And the third important character is Yulia Niguredo by Ayane Sakura.


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