Let’s See What Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 Holding For US?

    Holding the tragic love story anime is keeping the heat to fans. The anime Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 officially confirmed its release date in July 2022. Unfortunately, the exact date of this anime is not defined clearly in the current situation. So, be braced that the month of this anime month got confirmed.

    As we got the first season of this anime in 2020 with only 12 episodes. The first season of the anime consists of six-volume manga or 49 chapters. The manga of this anime is still going on by TMS Entertainment. Also, the author of this anime is Reiji Miyajima.

    Rent A Girlfriend Season 2
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    So, any prediction about what’s going to happen the next season?

    As we all know, there are four beautiful girls in the friend or girlfriend circle of Kazuya Kinoshita. As for the trailer of this anime, it is all about those four girls again. Giving us the idea about the whole new dating or getting the attention of four beautiful girls began on the next season. 

    Judging from the trailer and the mangas of this anime. The next season’s story is going to be interesting and more romantic. As of 2022, the manga chapter of Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 holds over 58 chapters and still going on. 

    What about the production team and other information about it? 

     Talking about the production team of this Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 are the ones who give us the final result of this anime. And the name of the staff is Kazuomi Koga (Director), Mitsukaka Hitota (Series Composition), Music by Hyadian, Art, Minoru Akiba (Art Director) and Ichi Taka Kuwa (Sound Director).

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    Rent a girlfriend season 2

    The story of this anime is about a lonely guy in japan from an online server. When Kazuya’s true love once dumped him, he thought of trying it. But you know anime story isn’t as simple as it looks.

    He didn’t expect that the girl he would date would be such a beautiful, sweet and cute rental girlfriend. And also, the story goes on after that; we expect more to see in the rent a girlfriend season 2.

    Source: YouTube and hit

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