Let’s See What Platinum End Ep14 Holds

    For weeks, a burning question has hung over every moment of Platinum End: why on earth does Metropoliman have his dead sister’s frozen body on display at his evil hideout?

    We finally get the answer we’ve been waiting for, and it’s as unintentionally funny as you’d expect from this strange mess of a death game.

    That’s a good thing because aside from learning Metropoliman’s motivation and backstory, there’s not much else going on in this episode. So instead, our hero and villain agree to a sort of Gentleman’s Duel.

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    platinum end episode 14

    They each take turns firing arrows at each other until one of them finally lands a hit, and this is what they do for the rest of the episode, slowly inching towards each other in between monologues.

    It’s stupid, but it’s also kind of unavoidable given how these powers design in the first place. With the angel wings as an infinite teleportation cheat, the only way for any fight in this show to end is for at least one party to willingly give up an advantage.

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    And you must be wondering ABout the final date of it?

    Platinum End Episode 14, titled Two Lights, will be available to Funimation and Crunchyroll premium subscribers on January 14, 2021. It will be available for free the following week, on January 21, 2021, for those who do not have a premium access subscription. This season has 24 episodes.

    At 1:28 a.m., JST Platinum End Episode 14 is making its way to the Internet.

    This week, it doesn’t. In the final episode, the duel carries on even though only five minutes passed in-universe. Explaining how Metropolitan became the strange bastard we know and tolerate today. But, unfortunately, those responses aren’t exactly illuminating.

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    A quick thought about the story of Platinum End

    Mirai is troubled for his classmates to celebrate their middle school graduation. But his battle has only just begun when he receives help from above in the form of an angel.

    Mirai is now pitted against 12 chosen humans in the battle, which determined the world’s next god. Mirai has an angel on his side, but he may need to transform into a devil to survive.

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