Let’s See What Ninjala Anime Holds For Us?

    GungHo Online Entertainment notifies a brand new Ninjala anime series in the last month of 2021. This entertainment says to be more involved than the past cartoon series, and the goal is to dive deeper into the game’s colourful world.

    The anime release date is lockup on January 13 on its official Youtube channel. So, digging down to the internet sources, the official streaming of this anime is happening in January.

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    However, featuring more than 7 characters specified in the game of anime. And getting to the point of the Eighth Season of the Ninjala started on December 2, 2021, and it’s gonna end on March 9 of 2022.

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    What about the Episode of this anime? 

    As you know the new episode of this anime is on its official channel at 6:59 PM PT, you can see. Likewise, this first Episode of Ninjala anime explains the story of ninjas worldwide. 

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    ninjala anime charactes
    Nintendi Life

    Due to modern-day weapons and development, ninjas are not needed for their task. Similarly, slowly being executed all around the world. Leaving a few numbers of ninjas. The eight characters of this anime are: 

    • Van, a talented young boy, made his talent as a basketball player and wished for his father’s return. 
    • Berecca is a girl who is the leader or let us say the girl who is leading the scientist for perfecting Ninja Gums. 
    • Burton the boy same as the Girl Berecca but often uses his mind of philosophies to create or change the world for betterment.
    • Ron is the boy who is a ninja with a plan and also the helper of both Berecca and Burton. 
    • Lucy is a slightly deranged girl wearing an eyepatch, and the reason is to hide her mysterious power from others. 
    • Kappei, he is also an shinobi form Ega from Oedo, Japan.
    • Jane is a wonderful serious woman working secretly for the World Ninja Organization’s Intelligence Department.
    • Emma is the street performer at the night villas, also known for her wonderful art of ninjutsu genetics.

    Source: Wikipedia and YouTube


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