Let’s See What Given Anime Holds For Us

    Given mafuyu and the band anime is blessed with the delightful story of homosexuality. Ever since I’ve watched the anime.  I’ve dabbled in many genres of anime and have been (overall) pleased. However, one genre that I happened upon during the pandemic was yaoi.

    This delicacy blew my mind out of the water! After several days of binging, without sleep, I emerged from my den of corruption, a newly born fujoshi. Delegates to tie up my mind and eyes were wide open to all the possibilities of boy-on-boy action.

    While trying to decide whether this was a healthy path or if I needed an exorcism, I began to wonder…… Why are many yaoi relationships borderline toxic?

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    Here is my suggestion: Why are many yaoi relationships borderline toxic?

    Scanned my memories of anime like Given: The movie, and Dakaichi to name a couple. The characters in both anime were relatable to a degree and had enjoyable storylines.

    However, the best scenes in Daikichi, you know what I mean, were steamy. That caused me to raise an eyebrow… or two by seeing sexy scenes from it. Both of the characters in the anime Given mafuyu and the band are really interesting characters.

    Protagonist by the two characters, who became lovers because the ‘dark angel” (Junta) slightly blackmailed Takato into relations with him. After being ravished by the angelic beast, Takato starts to have feelings for him on several occasions. Later on, their relationship starts to bloom, but an incident involving Takato causes Junto to show his possessive/ruthless side.

    The toxic nature (of the same) was apparent when Akihiko initiates a relationship with his supportive bandmate, Haruki. The progression of their relationship was highly anticipated, and the idea of a potential sex scene had me drooling.

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    Their chemistry is off the charts, and I wanted them to ride off into the sunset. Letting down on the tense atmosphere, Akihiko began to (coldly) initiate intercourse with Haru. The array of emotions displayed across Haruki’s face was heartbroken and somewhat difficult to watch; initially.

    How well does it go about their relationship?

    In both semes, Akihiko and Junta were able to tackle their demons and become better partners in the end. Relationships aren’t without fault/issues.

    This statement applies to the real world as well as the anime world. It’s appealing to have conflict in a story because it captures the audience’s attention. That can also lead to a story centering around the redemption of the characters in the Given.

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