Lets see about The Angel Next Door Spoils me Rotten (otonari)

    The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten also got the name of the otonari no Tenshi-Sama. As you know that it is a Japanese light novel written by the Japanese artist name Saekisan. And illustrated under the guidance of Hanekoto.

    Since June 2019, SB Creative has released five series volumes under their GA Bunko label. The original publisher of this series is making an online appearance on Shsetsuka ni Nar.

    As for the 2022 information, the anime is under Kenichi Imaizumi and Keiichiro Ochi (Writer).

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    The series is also making its way through Yen Press in the English language in North America. Furthermore, as of January 2022, the artist Wan Shibata and music by Suzu Yki present a manga adaptation serialized on Square Enix’s manga magazine Manga UP.

    the angle next door manga
    Scylla Scana

    And what about the Story of this anime?

    Amane lives alone in an apartment next door to Mahiru, the most beautiful girl in school. They’d rarely spoken until one rainy day when he noticed she was in trouble and offered her his umbrella.

    As a way of repaying the favor, she offers him housekeeping help, and a relationship develops as the distance between them shrinks.

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    A link between a drastic angel begins with the exchange of an umbrella. From catching a cold and having someone look after you, cooking a meal for someone if they neglected their wellness, to joint efforts (cleaning rooms), etc.

    Similarly, looking towards the release date, the light novel got out in the world of the Internet in December 2018 through the Shosetdsuka ni Naro website.

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    Also, at the first release of the 5th volume of the sales went over 19k copies in Japan. Making 1st position of Oricon Weekly Light Novel Chart. So moving towards the characters of Otonari no Tenshi-Sama ni Itsu no Ma ni ka Dame Ningen ni, Sareteita Ken are: 

    • Amane Fujimiya or Fujimiya Amane 
    • Mahiru Shiina 
    • Itsuki Akasawa 
    • Chitose Shirakawa 

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     Source: Wikipedia  and readwn

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