Komi San Can’t Communicate Released date

    Komi San Can’t Communicate is a combination concept of comedy romantic manga written by Tomohito Oda. Komi San manga first took a step on June 11, 2019, in the anime world representing Japanese fancy.

    Represented by it tittle, the manga is all about the high school girl Komi and Tadano Hirohito. Along with the two main characters, there are six side characters: Najimi Osana, Shousuke Komi, Tadano Hitomi, Komi Shuuko, Rumiko Manbagi, and Katai Makoto.

    Is the story of Komi San Can’t Communicate worth watching?

    From the above information, you can get the basic idea of this manga. But is it worth watching it? The answer to this question is Yes because of the unique character called Komi.

    As a popular girl in high school and a beautiful lady, Komi didn’t dare to communicate with others. So she crumbles down with fear when talking to another person, which is the most interesting to watch in an anime. Because in most of the anime, popular girls are the most varients and skilled in public speaking.

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    komi san can't communicate

    In the story, if this anime character Tadano Hirohito plays a vital role in the life of Komi. Tadano is the first one to realize that Komi can’t communicate with others. So thankfully leading a solid path of friendship, the story began with the warm communication between them. 

    Komi San Can’t Communicate anime is worth watching if you are interested in watching something new.

    When will the second season of Komi San Communicate released?

    The second episode of Komi San Can’t Communicate is making its way on October 14, 2021. The second episode of this anime will be engaging with few changes like Komi making some friends and improving her communication skills.

    As per the upcoming chapter 325 of Komi, San Manga is on its way in the upcoming days. Unfortunately, the exact date is not yet provided in the sources of the internet.

    But if we look back to chapter 324 of Komi San Manga, there is a possible chance of a love proposal by Komi to Tadano. Because he is the one she first talks to, she shares everything with happiness. In other words, chapter 325 of this manga is unexpected. 

    komi san and tadano confessing

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