Kemono Jihen Season 2 Release Date Confirmed

    In modern times, anime is becoming more and more popular right now. And looking at the competition of the production company for creating by Aija do Animation Works. Likewise, fans have been on the lookout for the Kemono Jihen season 2.

    Kemono Jihen is on the list of most anticipated anime for their concept and production. Kemono Jihen is an anime you don’t want to miss for sure. So, without wasting time, let’s see the story and upcoming season details.

    Recap of the First Episode?

    The entire story of this anime is based on a boy, Kabane Kusake, who is the only child and half-human, half-ghoul, or simply a bloodless demon.

    First, the story introduces the Detective (Inugami Kohachi) to investigate strange things in the village. In the village, he meets the protagonist Kusaka (Zorotovo). To investigate the strange things, he collaborates with the boy to find the real culprit.

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    kemono first episode

    Making out the investigation about the following incident. The Detective finds out that the real cultrate is the boy and shoots him down, But wait, the story doesn’t end here. After the Detective leaves the village, the boy comes to life because the Detective shoots him with the fake bullet.

    As the story goes on, the boy makes himself a new friend. With no feeling of pain, happy or anything, the boy wants to experience the feeling! Kabane’s main goal is to find out who his parents are.

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    Getting to the point of the first episode of the Kemono Jihen. The production, overall theme, issues, setting, character and make this a qualitative anime. Looking at the first episode of Kemono Jihen, we can say that it is criminally underrated in comparison to a good deal of anime.

    What about the date of the upcoming episode or chapter?

    So, without wasting time, let’s see the date of the upcoming episode of  Kemono Jihen. As one of the popular anime in the fantasy world, Kemono Jihen season 2 should make its way in July 2022 if everything goes as planned. But, unfortunately, no official date has been released by the studio, news, or social media.

    Let’s See What Given Anime Holds For Us

    character of kemono

    Looking at the manga chapter of the Kemono Jihen. The Kemono Jihen manga chapters 55, 56, 57 58,59 were released in October of 2021. But unfortunately, only up to chapter 55 is in the global volume. Consequently, the other 4 chapters of Kemono Jihen manga are available only in the Japanese version.

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