Kakegurui Creator Confirmed A New Anime High Card

    Following the announcement of a collaboration project between Kadokawa and TMS Entertainment in 2021 regarding announcing an original anime titled ‘HIGH CARD. The HIGH CARD Twitter account launched a new teaser visual again for upcoming anime on March 8th of next year by Kakegurui Creator.

    They also revealed that the project gonna make its way in 2023.  Also, opened up the official anime webpage for people to peruse before the series premieres this year or next.

    HIGH CARD made its root plan as a multimedia project that will include more than just an anime release. Other tie-in qualities include a planned manga and light novel series, with more news releases expected shortly. The franchise had also presently spawned plenty of popular drama CDs. It’ll be interesting to see if they approach the other aspects of the project. It consists of the same zeal.

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    The project is led by Homura Kawamoto, the creator of Kakegurui. Reveals that they created the original concept for the multimedia film series.

    On March 8, 2022, they announced that Kawano Nozomi will handle character design. It’ll be interesting to see how the anime turns out!

    So any other information about its released date of HIGH CARD?

    A lot of information about the upcoming HIGH CARD anime has leaked. Aside from announcing the original idea creator for the anime.  The premise for the series and the cast of characters to be featured in the anime and the general setting for the world have all been revealed.

    The following teaser preview of English subtitles is being published and can be regarded below:

    To summarize the website’s data, there are 52 X-Playing Cards — cards that bestow supernatural abilities on their holders. Finn, the series’ main character, sets out on a journey to collect as many cards as possible in this wagering adventure.

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    So, at what time is it’s gonna make out on the INternet?

    The creator Kakegurui Creator specified the launch date for the HIGH CARD anime might be set, on the next year.

    Given the success of Kawamoto’s latest manga project, Killing the People Reincarnated into other World: Cheat Slayer, it will be interesting to see how HIGH CARD pans out.

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