Ending of the My Hero Academia manga in 2022? Final Act begins, Final Chapter by the Creator

    Is the My Hero Academia manga coming to an end?  Asking individuals questions since the official release of My Hero Academia Season 6 is set for Fall 2022.

    The final chapter of the My Hero Academia graphic novels will be released around the same time. However, on December 19, 2021, series creator Kohei Represents a unique revelation that the manga will indeed end in late 2022, assuming everything goes as planned.

    During Jump Festa 2022, a written message was displayed asserting that if My Hero Academia comic series “continues to progress smoothly, it’ll still meet its goal in just about a year or.” However, if things don’t go as planned, Horikoshi anticipates Izuku Midoriya voice actor Daiki Yamashita to read such a same message at Jump Festa 2023 next year.

    The manga’s creator also revealed that Bakugo would play an important role in the manga’s grand finale. Horikoshi hopes that fans who love or despise Bakugo would then appreciate how the story contends.

    Jump Festa 2022 Livestream

    In late April 2021, an interview with series creator Kohei Horikoshi by Shueisha’s Jump Giga magazine. Although he spoke about how the journey to reaching the manga’s ending is much longer than he expected. Also, the manga is still on track for the story ending that he determined before the first chapter got out on the internet.

    On March 21, 2021, Weekly Shonen Jump 16, 2021, announced that the manga was entering the “final act” of the series. Therefore, my Hero Academia Chapter 306 was titled “The Final Act Begins (Shūshō Kaimaku).”

    Wanna know what kind of story arc gonna be of it?

    The world is crumbling down by My Hero Academia 306. Dozens of heroes died, and several cities also destroyed, massacring many civilians. A few of the heroes even defected.

    All For One stormed Tartarus and freed some of the most heinous villains. Then, these bad guys and criminals, along with Near High-End Nomu, attacked another jail cell, freeing even more villains and lawbreakers.

    The general public is becoming aware of some shocking facts, and they have begun to lose faith in their heroes. To avoid panic, Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeanist held a public press conference to discuss the allegations and spread gossip.

    The press wants to know One For All’s secret, but Endeavor lies, claiming he doesn’t understand throughout order to protect All Might and Izuku.

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    Also, the plan plot of the My Hero Academia Heroes Rising movie?

    And it turns out that the final match in the Heroes Rising film is based on ideas he had back in 2017/2018. Horikoshi’s proposals got discussed in a statement issued by Caleb Cook (manga interpreter for Viz Media).

    Cook also clarified that Horikoshi is “not claiming that movie #2 is the final ep of the series.” What was never specified is what the narrative changes mean for the manga’s conclusion of My Hero Academia.

    Released in 2018, The anime film KonoSuba Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o and the small studio took it over. And also as a project while retaining key people.


    Also, be aware that the next two sections of information may encompass a spoiler for the forthcoming  My hero academia online manga. The baddie in Heroes Rising should be the new character Nine. He, like All For One, can steal other people’s quirks. Nine has already taken eight quirks, trying to make him All For One’s heir apparent.

    Nine or a villain similar intended to be the manga’s final antagonist. Finally, all the new UA Academy heroes would have confronted off against the League of Villains in a battle. That gonna cover up the entire upcoming generation in the finale.

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