End of the Fire Force volume 2 Manga

    On the Dark, Souls Livestream is streaming on December 31. And Atsushi Ohkubo(Manga Creator) revealed his Fire Force manga is at the end in a few chapters. Although two chapters are left to draw, confirming that the manga is ending in “about” two volumes, the 34th volume being the last.

    The manga’s final arc began in October 2021. Ohkubo previously stated in the author’s commentary of the manga’s 23rd compiled book volume in May 2020 that the manga was nearing completion and that Fire Force would be his final manga.

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    In September 2015, Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine first published the series Ohkubo (Soul Eater). Also, Selling manga over 17 million copies worldwide.


    On December 17 of 2021, the 32nd volume manga’s of Fire Force also made its way to the internet in the eyes of fans. Similarly, in the same year, Kodansha Comics published the manga in English.

    Quick Recap of the Story of it?

    In the world of supernatural fires, humans and the superhuman firefighter force formed to stop the creature of fire. The world as we know it has vanished. A mysterious phenomenon deprives humanity of the right to live a peaceful life full of hopes and dreams.

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    And it transforms people at random into mindless creatures known as Infernals. So let’s say a face of fear worse than death causes unimaginable suffering.

    There are, however, people who can control this cursed power, becoming pyrokinetic, or people who can manipulate the power of fire. So, the Fire Defense Agency, or let’s say Tokyo Army.

     The Holy Sol Temple from The Special Fire Force, known as the Blue Stripes, solves the mystery and healing humanity. But, will the Special Fire Force be able to solve the mystery and save the day?

    Source: fireforce and Twitter

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