Demon Slayer Theme Songs wins the Song of the Year Award

    Lisa’s “Akeboshi” song for the Demon Slayer Mugen Train movie got released in 2021. It also made its appearance as one of the best songs of the Year at the 63rd Japan Record Awards, which took on Friday. Kiyoshi Hikawa (“Happy!”), Daichi Miura (“Backwards”), DA PUMP (Dream on the street), and Awesome City Club are among the others (“Wasurena”).

    In addition, MISIA received the award for Best Vocal Performance.INI, Enpitsu, Macaroni, TAEKO, and Ruka Mochizuki were some of the most recent Artists of the Year.

    The manga also takes place in Weekly Shonen Jump as the most iconic manga of 2020. As per the information on the official website of Demon Slayer, Mugan Train Arc starts from December 2021.

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    Demon Slayer is opening them tuned by “Akeboshi ” Mugen Train movie combines the seven-episode television anime portrayal of the Mugen Train arc from the Demon Slayer manga. Thus, giving the final product the Demon Slayer Movie: Mugen Train made by Koyoharu Gotougue.

    Demon Slayer Theme Songs
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    The recent recipients of the Special, Lifetime Achievement Awards are earned by the late Asei Kobayashi, Koichi Sugiyama, and Makoto Kawaguchi. Likely, the Awards is ceremony is on the air of Japan on December 30 on TBS. As you all know Demon Slayer theme songs are produced in the studio Ufotable.

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    Although getting over 75 thousand downloads in the first week. It become one of the most downloaded anime by a female artists in a year. Later on October 18, “Shirogane,” Lisa’s intro theme song, the Demon Slayer in Mugen Train anime.

    As per the other flash song of Lisa.  Along with the “Shirogane,” the ending song also made an appearance on November 17 appeared on the world of anime. 

    Source: TBS official websiteMantan Web

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