Date of The Executioner & Her way of Life Volume 4

    What to expect more when The Executioner and Her way of Life Volume 4 is on its way on April 19.2022. Released by the famous Executioner called Akai Akumu publishing through the NA Yen Press.

    Also, going through the details and story of the next volume will be interesting. However, the volume of it is not out yet. Six volumes of this light novel series volume sold out in July 2019. The company whose imprint was GA Bunko and released by SB Creative.

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    And, What About the Story of this Light Novel Series? 

    Talking about the story, some words are not enough to describe it. So let’s try to understand the basic story of this series. Reading the series of this The Executioner and Her way of Life is the story of Isekai’s world. 

    Starting with the girl named Wanderers, who came to Isekai World from Japan. But due to her careless and rude behaviour in the past, the Executioner made their way to kill them as fast as possible. But one day, the Executioner named Menou met a girl called Akari.

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    Judging by her appearance, she lost her way in the world of Isekai. However, Menou continues her duty without any hesitation. But for some particular reason, Akari got an immortal body. Due to that reason, the girl also got tricked by Menou, and they began to go on a long journey to find a way to kill Akari. 

    What About the previous Release Date of it? 

    Moving about the previous release date of The Executioner and Her way of Life Volume 1 on March 9, 2021. Similarly, The Executioner and Her way of Life Volume 2 in the same year.

    But, as per information, the exact date of The Executioner and Her way of Life Volume 4 is April 19, 2022. As you can see from the current situation of Covid-19, the series can be delayed or may be extended. 

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    Source: YenPress


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