Creator of Symphogear confirmed a New anime

    Noriyasu Agematsu, the main composer and original concept creator for all of the Symphogear characters and a key component of Elements Garden (a collective that produces most of the music for BanG Dream!, Nana Mizuki, Rosario Vampire, Uta no Prince-sama, and more!) announced that his new multimedia project, Technoroid, will have its anime begin airing in July of this year. The series will additionally include anime, games, and music in its multimedia efforts.

    The anime is to be handled by Doga Kobo, best known for their work on YuruYuri and the upcoming Shikimori-san anime. The previous game, titled “Technoroid: Unison Heart,” was released on January 31st to mild excitement.

    LAM, a character designer, best known for their work with ATLUS for Persona 5, Tokyo Chronus, and their contributions to the designs of Hakos Baelz of Hololive English, contributed the character designs for the series.

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    What is the plot of Technoroid?

    Technoroid follows Cobalt, an android whose owner is unknown. The show is set in a world where the surrounding environment has become toxic to humans. People have grown to get their entertainment from the newly-constructed Entertainment Tower Babel, meant to bring hope and light to all of humanity played by the Symphogear characters.

    Groups of androids compete for the top spot at Babel, with STAND-ALONE being the top dog. Cobalt has aspirations to create a group of his own and dethrone STAND-ALONE to bring smiles to the world. Besides that basic premise, the show’s specifics are as of yet unknown.

    Creator of Symphogear confirmed a New anime

    What About the groups featured in the show?

    TTechnoroid, much like BanG Dream! or Project Sekai, has different subunits that create music together.

    While it’s unclear which groups will appear in Technoroid: Overmind beyond those that appeared in the initial trailer. The confirmation of this anime is made through the official website groups called KNoCC, and STAND-ALONE makes its appearance in the anime.

    KNoCC seems to be the group that consists of the main protagonists of the series, while STAND-ALONE are those that stand at the top of Babel. Also, From the plot summary listed above, Overmind will most probably follow the clashes and conflicts between the two. But it’s entirely possible that other groups such as Mechanica Metallica, Blanki Note, or U.M.A. It’ll be interesting to see which groups they feature on the show!


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