Blue Period Release date

    Creating the image as the anime featuring art, Blue Period Manga is the story of a high school Yatora Yaguchi. The concept of the Blue Period is by the painter Pablo Picasso between 1901 to 1904.

    Moving towards the released date of Blue Period on October 9, 2021, on Netflix. In the same year, the new chapter of the Blue Period is striking down on the internet.

    What about its story or concept?

    Blue Period is about the story of a second-year high schoolboy called Yatora Yaguchi, who is a splendid student in his class. Hanging with his friend in a cafe watching spots game. Yet, the boy of the Blue Period Manga always feels empty in his heart.

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    character of blue period

    As the top scorer student in his class, Yatora is bound towards his thought for his career. Yatora always seeks to fill his heart for enjoyment. So exhausted from his hard studying to make his grade good.

    What was his first step toward Yatora’s painting journey?

    For the first time, Yatora envies a painting made by Ayukawa Ryuuji. Seeing the piece of art made him think about his life. And made to be more interested in the art of creativity on a paper. As time passed, Yatora became more interested in art class.

    However, the story of his first painting got in the way of supporting Maru Mori for lifting the painting in the art class. Reaching the art class, Maru explained her passion for art. At the moment, Maru gives a bunch of blue painting colours to Yatra.

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    Sitting on the bench of the art class, Yatora made himself comfortable by using the blue. Converting his thought into the painting with the combination of blue colour. Later on, the painting of Yatora made its way to the high school art gallery.

    After hearing about people envying his painting, Yatora enjoys the feeling of being praised for the first time. Creating words of paint in his painting, Yatora feels relief from his art.

    Talking more about Blue Period manga, it is one of the great manga or anime. Giving every detail in every part of the anime is just a splendid work of art by Koji Masunari.

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