Blue lock

    Blue lock manga is based on the sport called football. Making the story of nan high school boy Yoichi Isagi and his journey of becoming the country’s pride.

    Featured in the natural world of sports, Blue lock doesn’t focus on relationships like friendship, Selfishness, and many others. In other words, it is a whole new approach in the world of manga narrative to the life of an athlete and their best self.

    What about the story of Blue Lock Manga?

    Talking about the story part of Blue Lock, it is all about the sport football. And giving the vibes of sports football in the anime world. As we look closer, the story introduces the main characters: Yoichi Isagi and the other 14 characters.

    Yoichi Isagi is an everyday striker. The story began with the goal of winning the World Cup for Japan. For winning the World Cup, 300 player gets the invitation to Blue Lock. 

    Want to know the new upcoming Manga Blue Period Released date?

    bluee character

    In this anime, Blue Lock is the organization built to choose the best striker. Therefore, the organization divided the player into five differents teams with a total team range of 25. The division of the player is by their skills and so on.

    The Blue Lock organization is not just a camp for athletics. It is a war to win the World Cup for Japan and the risk of ending career for the player participation.

    Creating the intention to become the best striker and face of japan. The art, character, and unique concept of Blue lock gave the final product worth watching. It is most likely to hit the massive fan following for its concept.

    Shogi pineapple

    When is it going to be released?

    Featured as the sports anime, Blue lock is one of the best anime, which will be released in 2022. Along with the ten to ten rating for the story and 9/10 for art by the anime-planet, the readers love Blue Lock Manga. 

    Also rated as the top relief sports-based anime by the anime lover in myanimelsit site. Probably for its realistic story it and hundred percentage enjoyment for all anime or manga watchers.

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