At What Time The Rising of a Shield Hero Season 2 Gonna Release?

    Speaking of the satisfying revenge of season 1 of The Rising of a Shield Hero. The anime is rising like its name in the mind of fans. Promoting the story of season 1 and clashing with other animes. The Rising of a Shield Hero Season 2 is making its release on April 2022. 

    Also, the question is why the exact date is not fixed. All of you know that we have been going through a pandemic since 2020.

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    Because of the pandemic, the number of the release date might be delayed. However, it is sure to be released in April 2022. 


    Well, What kind of things can we see in the upcoming season? 

    The Rising of a Shield Hero Season 2 is a great anime with interesting characters. As you can see, the anime is all about the hero named Naofumi Iwatani and his partners Raphtalla, Filo.

    Many of us know that the hero was accused as a rapist in season one of this anime. After that, Malty became the most hated anime character of all time.

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    Seeking revenge and justice. He made his justice, and not going to lie; this was the best revenge part that is very satisfying. Surprisingly the appearance of the Glassy got chills down the spine.

    Not to spoil the suspense of this anime. The story of Season 2 is making its way to the book library, as you can see in the trailer.

    Also, seeking adventure with his group. Likewise, the previous date of The Rising of a Shield Hero Season 2 also got out in 2021. But pushed back towards April, for the fans waiting for the next season to come. It is sad news that the exact date of this anime is not confirmed.

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    Some, Basic Information of the Upcoming Season? 

    The Season 2 of Rising of a Shield hero is the original work of Aneko Yusagi with Seria Minami, the Illustrator. Also, the original publisher of this anime is Shosetsuka ni Naro. The light novel publisher of it is Media Factory. The company which produces the TV series is Kinema Citrus. It is also published or, let us say, featured in the Monthly Comic Flapper.


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