A fan art ignites a Black side of Spy x Family characters on Twitter

    Spy x Family, among the most anticipated anime of 2022, has drawn a huge number of fans since its debut on Crunchyroll.

    The most recent of these squabbles erupted when popular Twitter artist @SoulKingLives started posting a piece reimagining Anya as just a young black girl.

    His depiction depicts Anya from Spy x Family with darker skin and accessories commonly seen in traditional black hairstyles.

    Making Loid Forger Black was the third film in a series that reinvented the three main Spy x Family characters as African Americans.

    spy x family art as a black character


    A Black Yor Forger joined the group on April 20, 2022. Now that Mama, as well as Papa Forger, have reached, the team is complete!

    At the time of writing, the original post about the Black Anya Forger must have did receive over 20,000 likes. The comments, on the other hand, paint a different picture. Fans are accusing @SoulKingLives of being racist, trying to claim a double benchmark against artists who choose to colourize anime characters.

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    How have people reacted to the new black Spy x Family artwork?

    The piece has received mixed reactions. While the piece has gone viral, there really are numerous quotes beneath the post that both praise and condemn @SoulKingLives. Many people are also questioning the practice of racebending in general.

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    Famous reactions include this tweet from @DeaunteOnterio, which questions the anime community’s overall receptivity.

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    Overall, while many responses were positive, there were still many negative reactions as well.

    Is it racist to draw Anya Forger’s art from Spy x Family as Black?

    Some argue that portraying Anya Forger as black is inherently “racist,” but is this true? In a nutshell, no.

    This debate stems from the idea that if characters of non-white beginnings should not be recast as white, how can traditionally white characters be reimagined as any other race?

    The disconnect stems from the fact that these two practices are perceived to be biased toward one another.

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    Revealed of SPY x FAMILY anime English dub date by Crunchyroll

    Artists reimagining characters as another race do not do so on purpose to remove the prospect of a POC actor portraying them. Artists who race bend have really no direct impact on the livelihoods of others. They really aren’t violating the rights of others, nor are they supporting a system that is.

    They’re just creating art, which is frequently open to interpretation.

    While not every fan is on the same side of a debate, one thing is certain: Spy x Family is getting a lot of attention. Every Saturday, new episodes of Spy x Family are released on Crunchyroll.

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